FAQ: Who Is Rockin Jump Merging Circus Tricks?

Who owns Rockin jump?

Marc and Michelle Collopy are passionate about providing a fun, safe place for families to spend time together and stay fit. Together with good friends Drew and Sue Wilson, the couple founded Rockin ‘ Jump, a franchise of trampoline parks with 32 locations nationwide and an additional 80 units sold.

What is CircusTrix new name?

PROVO, Utah, March 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CircusTrix, the leading developer and operator of indoor active recreation parks worldwide, today announced the launch of DEFY franchise, a new franchise offering.

How much does rockin jump pay?

Average Rockin ‘ Jump hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.86 per hour for Team Member to $14.33 per hour for Shift Manager. The average Rockin ‘ Jump salary ranges from approximately $20,000 per year for Front Desk Agent to $56,949 per year for General Manager.

Who owns CircusTrix?

Its CEO, Fernando Eiroa, was CEO of Parques Reunidos until 2018. Before this, he served for nine years as President and CEO of California-based Palace Entertainment, the largest US-based subsidiary of Parques Reunidos. He took over from CircusTrix founder Case Lawrence last year.

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How many rockin jumps are there?

“ There are now 11 Rockin ‘ Jumps open in the U.S. and our goal is to have 30 open by the end of 2015.

How much is defy for 2 hours?

Sat, Sun & Holidays

Tickets Ages 6 & Under Prices + Tax
1 Hour Flight Ticket $11
1.5 Hour Flight Ticket $17
2 Hour Flight Ticket $22
Required Grip Socks $3

Who is the CEO of CircusTrix?

In June 2019, Fernando Eiroa joined Utah-based trampoline and action sports chain CircusTrix as its new CEO.

How much does defy gravity pay per hour?

Average Defy hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.05 per hour for Flight Attendant to $21.62 per hour for Sales Associate.

Is there an age limit for Rockin jump?


How much is 1 hour at Rockin jump?

What You Get With Open Jump Prices. Standard open jump prices for all ages are $13.00 for 60 minutes, $17.00 for 90 minutes, and $21.00 for 120 minutes. Each additional hour of jump time costs $8.00 per person. Your admission not only includes the open jump area, but also a variety of other thrilling things to do.

Who bought out Sky Zone?

CircusTrix Holdings of Provo, Utah, bought Sky Zone last month, bringing the 195-unit trampoline park chain under its umbrella and changing the game for Jeff Platt, former CEO of Sky Zone. Platt is now president, reporting to Case Lawrence, founder and CEO of CircusTrix.

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Who is the creator of Sky Zone?

Jeff Platt Rick Platt Sky Zone / Sky Zone is the creation of entrepreneur Jeff Platt, who originally intended for the trampoline courts to be used as part of a new sport with professional athletes.

How much did Skyzone sell for?

Jump Man: How Sky Zone Went From Failed Extreme Sport To A $300 Million Business.

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