FAQ: Nba Player Who Knows Karate?

Is James Johnson married?

Quick Facts About James Johnson

Celebrated Name James Johnson
Marital Status Married
Wife Callie (Divorced)
Children 2; Harlem and Naymin
Net Worth $25 Million

Is James Johnson a black belt?

When it comes to collecting black belts in karate, that practice has become a matter-of-fact part of James Johnson’s family. Johnson, his parents and his eight siblings all have earned a black belt of varying degrees.

Is James Johnson GOOD?

Johnson is a well -documented tough guy. He not only has a second-degree black belt, but also a perfect 20-0 kickboxing record. On the basketball court, he’s been known to participate in some scuffles. Despite his record of getting into scrappy situations, he almost always is just sticking up for his teammates.

Who was James Weldon Johnson?

Not just an influential and notable novelist, poet, and songwriter, James Weldon Johnson (1871-1938) was a lawyer, a United States consul in a foreign nation, and served an important role in combating racism through his position in the NAACP.

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