How To Unlock Chao Karate In Sonic Adventure 2?

How do you get a Sonic Chao in sa2?

Keep the Chao neutral by raising it with any hero and dark character together. Have both of them spend equal time with the Chao. Get either green chaos drives, or animals that give your Chao speed: bunnies, cheetahs, skeleton dogs, etc. Have your hero and dark character take turns giving the Chao the drives/animals.

How many times can a Chao transform?

Chao can evolve into one of three alignments, and one of five different ability types. This makes for a total of fifteen different possible evolutions!

How do you turn a Chao into a Dark Chao?

Dark Chao. The easiest way to get a Dark Chao is to simply take a child Chao and treat it nicely with a Dark character. Spend time with it, feed it, and pet it with any of those characters, and it will gradually change into a Dark Chao.

How do I get a two tone Chao?

Two – tone Chao are harder to obtain than Mono- tone Chao because they cannot be bought. Instead, you need to breed for them. An easy way to do this is to buy the matching Mono- tone Chao from the Black Market, and then breed it with one of your starter Chao. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a Two – tone version of that colour.

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Does Sonic forces have Chao?

No Chao for you. The producer of Sonic Forces, Shun Nakamura, and head of the Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka, both confirmed in an interview with IGN at E3 that Chao will not be featured in Sonic Forces. Though Sonic Forces won’t bring back a cute pet simulator, it will mark the return of other recognizable characters.

How do you get a nights Chao?

Other Answers

  1. The way you can get a nights chao is that it has to be neutral, i’m sorry but youre going have to start over.
  2. What you have to do, is make your Chao a neutral flying chao, so that after it evolves, it is pink with purple stripes on its horns.

Can a Chao evolve twice?

yes chao do have more than one evolution its complicated though. reincarnte the chao * TWICE * and go through the whole process again. there are the basic three typesof it and thats it but to make it awsum you need to give it one of every animal.

Can a Chao die?

Since Chao cannot die while they are swimming, you may safely pick up your Chao. Once you have managed to pick up the dying Chao, you can attempt to increase its happiness so that it reincarnates.

Why is my Chao crying?

Your Chao will hiss at you when it’s bonds with the character is below -20 and it’s loneliness value is above 1000. Your Chao will cry and tears will pour from its eyes.

How do you unlock hero Chao garden?

To unlock the Hero Garden, the player has to evolve a Chao into a Hero Chao by feeding them Hero Fruit and raise the Chao with ” Hero Side” characters. Hero Fruit can be purchased at the Chao Kindergarten’s Black Market.

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How long does it take to get a hero Chao?

When the Evolution Strength value reaches 1 the Chao will trigger its Evolution by sitting down and forming a Cocoon around itself. After the short amount of time in its cocoon, it will emerge as an adult Chao. The evolution will generally occur sometime around 3 hours in to a Chao’s life.

How do I get a shiny normal Chao?

In order to get the shiny normal colored Chao, you must have two mature Chao: Normal color (Hero, Dark or Neutreal) and a shiny white color (again, Hero, Dark or Neutreal) and mate them (the fastest way is to get Heart Fruit) and the shiny normal colored Chao hatches.

Can chaos chao breed?

Please note that Chaos Chao can never mate. This is because they are immortal, and have no need to reproduce. For this reason, you should think very carefully before creating a Chaos Chao; only do so if you are sure you won’t want to breed it in the future.

How do you raise your Chao in Sonic Adventure 2?

To gain access to your Chao in Sonic Adventure 2, you must first venture into Chao World. To get to Chao World, you must find a Chao Container in one of the levels. When you break open the Chao Container, you will find a key inside. If you collect this key, you will be warped to Chao World after completing the level.

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