Readers ask: Karate Illustrations, How To Back Kick?

How do you do a back kick in karate?

Lift your right knee to your chest (think of kicking like a mule). Drive the heel of your foot straight back towards your opponent. After hitting your target, quickly resume kicking stance so you can prepare for your next kick. For more power, try stepping forward and then starting your back kick.

What is a karate kick called?

List of Karate Kicks (Beginner & Advanced)

  • Ashi Barai – Foot Sweep.
  • Fumikomi – Stomp or Stomping Kick.
  • Gedan Mawashi Geri – Low Roundhouse Kick.
  • Hiza Geri – Knee Strike.
  • Kakato Otoshi Geri – Axe Kick – Sometimes only referred to as Kakato Geri.
  • Kansetsu Geri – Joint Kick (usually attacking an opponent’s knee)
  • Kin Geri – Groin Kick.
  • Mae Geri – Front Kick.

What is AXE kick?

An Axe Kick (also called a Hammer Kick, 내려차기, Downward Kick, or naeryeo chagi) is a kick in which one kicks downward with a straight leg. Most taekwondo kicks involve bending the knee as part of the chambering for the kick, but the Axe Kick is an exception.

What is back kick?

A Back Kick (also called Spinning Back Kick, Horse Kick, Donkey Kick, 뒤차기, Mule Kick, or dwi chagi) is performed by kicking backward, behind you, like a horse. The torso should lean forward during the kick, to increase the height of the kick.

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What part of the foot do you hit with on a front kick?

Most basic front kicks either hit the target with the instep or the ball of the foot. A front kick that strikes with the instep is commonly used in Taekwondo.

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