Sa2 How To Get Chao Karate?

How do I get a two tone Chao?

Two – tone Chao are harder to obtain than Mono- tone Chao because they cannot be bought. Instead, you need to breed for them. An easy way to do this is to buy the matching Mono- tone Chao from the Black Market, and then breed it with one of your starter Chao. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a Two – tone version of that colour.

How do you get a shadow Chao in sa2?

(The more complicated way) Take a normal Chao and raise it up to level 15 in run. Keep feeding it every now and then until it transforms. Then, using shadow, eggman, or rouge, keep giving it 10 green chaos drives every time you play. Eventually, it’ll look like shadow.

How long does it take for a Chao to age?

Age is how old your chao is in chao years. A chao year is 10 minutes in real time. The average lifespan of a chao is 5 years, however that can either decrease or increase by a single year depending on the chao’s health. The thing is, chao don’t necessarily always die.

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How do I get a shiny normal Chao?

In order to get the shiny normal colored Chao, you must have two mature Chao: Normal color (Hero, Dark or Neutreal) and a shiny white color (again, Hero, Dark or Neutreal) and mate them (the fastest way is to get Heart Fruit) and the shiny normal colored Chao hatches.

How do you make a reincarnate Chao?

If you treat your chao good, and they love you(you can tell if they do if when they see you they will wave or bow, or even run to you), they will reincarnate. The cocoon at the end of their lifespan will be pink, and they will be reborn into an egg.

How do you increase your Chao luck?

Luck is one of the hidden stats. All animals and Chaos Drives will increase this stat; Chaos Drives boost it twice as fast as animals do. The Mushroom sold in the Black Market will also raise luck.

What is the fastest way to increase Chao stamina?

Stamina, unlike the other visible stats, is not increased by animals or drives. Instead, stamina is increased by feeding a Chao fruits. The Mushroom and Strong Fruit increases stamina more quickly than garden fruits. Stamina is also used as the Health stat in Chao Karate, increasing the Chao’s Health.

How many times can Chao reincarnate?

The only limit is happiness. Your chao will only reincarnate while above 30 happiness, but there is no stopping you from continuing until hes all maxed, just dont make him too mad.

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How do you make a shadow Chao?

  1. To get a shadow chao you have to have a dark chao of course. Tip Question Comment.
  2. give the chao green chaos drives until it evolves to this. Tip Question Comment.
  3. Step 3: Last Step. when your chao evolves give it more green chaos drives until it evolves agian than your done this is what he looks like.
  4. 9 Comments. Trans1000.

How do you make a shadow Chao turn red?

User Info: patoooo2. At the baby stage turn him into a dark/run after he evolves he has green spikes keep him a run chao or run/run after time his spikes turn red to look like shadow.

How do you get a dark Chao in Sonic Adventure DX?

In Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut, the player can raise Chao into Dark Chao. In this game, one can evolve a Chao into a Dark Chao by feeding them Dark Fruit. Once they go into their first cocoon, the Chao will be a Dark Chao.

Can a Chao die?

Since Chao cannot die while they are swimming, you may safely pick up your Chao. Once you have managed to pick up the dying Chao, you can attempt to increase its happiness so that it reincarnates.

Can a Chao evolve twice?

yes chao do have more than one evolution its complicated though. reincarnte the chao * TWICE * and go through the whole process again. there are the basic three typesof it and thats it but to make it awsum you need to give it one of every animal.

How long do Chao sleep for?

Chao also sleep for about 5-10 minutes at a time, and waking one up will elicit negative reactions.

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