What If The Hulk Learned Karate?

What would happen if Hulk knows martial arts?

If Hulk was going to master any martial art, as I said, it would be a martial art that focuses on striking. The most obvious would be either Boxing or Kick Boxing. Hulk doesn’t use his legs too often in a fight, but if he did, he’d obliterate many of his opponents much faster.

Does Bruce Banner know martial arts?

In the Incredible Hulk, we see Banner training with Rickson Gracie, real-life Brazilian Jiu Jitsu hall of famer. But even in his final fight with Abomination, he never exhibits any defensive maneuvers. He is only ever able to win through brute strength.

What is the rarest martial art?

Here are six fighting arts you probably never heard of:

  • Bataireacht (Irish stick fighting ) Like many martial arts, this one grew from the need for peasants to defend themselves while under the oppressive watch of those in power.
  • Okichitaw.
  • Rough and Tumble.
  • Bakom.
  • Dambe.
  • Canne de Combat.

What martial arts does Thanos know?

He seems to understand judo, judging by how he uses Hulk’s weight against him, and seeing as how he uses a lot of grappling while fighting, such as when he fights Tony on Titan.

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Can Bruce Banner fight?

He can fight. My God!!, Banner is dirty, brutal, and durable. The amount of punishment he takes in the panels are just bloody. The delicate part of the body being targeted by his opponent, he ignores em like he doesn’t care and keeps fighting.

Does Thor know martial arts?

MCU Thor has implemented more of his fighting style in combat so based on feats, he is arguably more skilled that his comic book counterpart. It’s not really shocking that he mastered every form of martial arts prowess considering that he has an eidetic memory that grants him total recall.

What is the oldest martial art?

Kalaripayattu Although Kalaripayattu is not as old as other forms of martial arts on this list, it is often cited as being the oldest martial art discipline. Its history can be traced back over 3000 years to the Vedas, which are a large body of knowledge texts from the ancient Indian subcontinent.

Is Silat kung fu?

Silat is essentially Indonesian Kung fu, with some influence from SE Asian weapons arts.

What martial arts are banned in UFC?

Punch or elbow to back of the head. Pile driving (hurling you opponent to the ground on his/her head while hanging on and guiding) Hair pulling (in UFC 3 Royce Grace hung onto Kimo’s hair braid the whole fight finally tearing it out before submitting him, basically used the braid as a handle, later banned )

Who is stronger Hulk or Thanos?

In past conflicts between the two, Thanos has been able to triumph, usually due to either having the Infinity Gauntlet, or using his control over cosmic energy to overpower the Hulk. In a conflict of purely physical strength, though, Hulk may present more of a challenge to the Mad Titan.

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Who can beat Thanos?

Marvel: 10 Superheroes Who Could Defeat Thanos

  1. 1 Deadpool. A man of many words, Wade Wilson actually managed to defeat Thanos simply by talking.
  2. 2 Drax The Destroyer.
  3. 3 Franklin Richards.
  4. 4 Wolverine.
  5. 5 Thor.
  6. 6 Mar-Vell.
  7. 7 Squirrel Girl.
  8. 8 Star-Lord.

Why did Thanos beat the Hulk?

During a question and answer session following a special screening of Avengers: Infinity War, directors Joe and Anthony Russo revealed whether Thanos beat Hulk because he’s just that powerful, or because he had that Power Stone at his disposal. “I would say that he’s just that powerful,” said Joe Russo.

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